Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SUMMERTIME - 5 Reasons to come check out the show!

# 1 - Universal Humor
This is a comedy show that you can bring the kids to. This is a comedy show that you can bring grandma to.. You can even bring French Canadians... and they will ALL have a good time. This is a comedy show for everyone....and it's funny!

# 2 - When times are tough….Eight Is NEVER Enough!
Broadway shows can run up to $50- $120/SEAT. Movies in Manhattan are $12.50/Ticket. Popcorn...Almost THE SAME price! We are offering a great professional show for an affordable price. With the current state of the economy we realize that not everyone is able to afford such luxuries. We have taken this into consideration. If you are unable to pay the full price of admission, then give us a call and we will work out a special deal on the admission price for you. Unfortunately we are unable to change the required 2 drink minimum, but we can promise that the show will cost reasonable less than the above activities.

# 3 - Times Square Comedy Club
This club is one of the nicest, cleanest and upscale yet casual comedy clubs in Manhattan. Our resident theatre (Theatre 4) has a posh and cozy feel to it. The current staff is very friendly, the drink pours are heavy and the food is yummy. The club is also conveniently located right across the street from Port Authority and directly above 42nd St Subway A,E,C,1,9,N,R,W,7 Trains. We are 8th Ave so you can get to the show without dealing with too much of the congestion and slow walkers on Broadway!

# 4 - KILLER cast!
No don't worry - the comedians are NOT killers but they ARE all amazingly talented actors with years of training and experience in improv, comedy and theatre. Plus funnyman HOST Walt Frasier 's jolly humor and larger than life personality is a nice contrast to the dry witted deadpan of sidekick Spero Chumas. Click HERE to read about our Cast.

#5 - 100% Audience Participation!
Sometimes during live shows and even during movies the audience members can start to squirm in their seats! Sitting down and being quiet for 2-3 hours can cause your mind to drift, your legs to fall asleep and your butt to hurt. With EIGHT is NEVER Enough the audience is being called upon to either yell out ideas or come up on stage every 3-5 minutes. We make the show about what YOU want it to be. We are also now webcasting all of our shows LIVE on ustream.tv!

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