Monday, September 1, 2008

Not a kids show

Just wanted to take some time to define what "Eight is NEVER Enough" is exactly. First of all improvisation and stand up comedy are like apples and oranges. Let me just start by saying both are entertaining and both are equally funny. It really depends on an individuals tastes and sense of humor to decide which of the two they prefer. Stand up comedy is one person standing with a mike telling jokes and talking about funny situations. Improv comedy, or at least the way WE do it is when the performers make up unplanned skits, stories, songs and situations without a script and with the help of the audience. The audience and the performers must work together to great great comedy and theatre. Stand up on the other hand does not necessarily include audience participation. Some stand up comics do use crowd interaction but the majority of comics come on stage having prepared and tweaked a specific amount of material and comedy observations based on their personal experiences.

I am not sure why people confuse the two but it seems to be an ongoing problem when we are performing at a club that offers both. There has been much confusion over whether our show is a "kids" show and the stand up is the "adult" show. For one thing I think it is safe to say that we are neither. Our show is a theatrical comedy show designed for all ages. We created this show with the goal of making it accessible to all audiences: High brow, low brow and everything in the middle. When we started running 7 shows every week we decided that we wanted to cover all the basis. The show is tailored to the people that are sitting in the seats during the performance. We have done shows for colleges. In those shows the comedy and humor was geared to college kids. We have performed for Middle school and elementary school audiences - those show are geared toward young audience humor. We have performed at corporate events for fortune 500 companies (Morgan Stanley, General Motors and American Express to name a few) - those shows are going to be more adult type humor. This is the way improv works. It is based on the audience and therefore will be customized to their liking. It is a win win situation on both ends. Every show is different. Not just for the audience but for the performers too. I will never get tired of it because to me it will always be a challenge and it will always be fresh and never get stale. This is what attracts many actors to this wonderful art form.

So I think it is safe to say that we are not a kids show. Will the kids love the show? YES. Will adults love the show? YES. Can you feel safe bringing anyone to the show? ABSOLUTELY. Will there be kids in the audience? MAYBE. Will it still be funny? EVEN MORE SO. I don't have kids should I even bother? UNLESS KIDS IN THE AUDIENCE STOPPED YOU FROM GOING TO SEE IRON MAN, HULK AND DARK KNIGHT THEN YOU SHOULD COME SEE HOW FUNNY THE SHOW IS. With over 2000 public performances plus another 500 private events it's probably worth checking out.

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