Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So what is the difference between all the shows?

So.... we basically have three shows that we produce and perform. They are all similar in structure and on paper but contrast greatly in style, material and content. The main focus for this blog is for "Eight is NEVER Enough". That show is our main attraction and the most flexible. To break down the shows is as follows:

Eight is NEVER Enough - Improv and musical comedy for all ages. This is the public show, off broadway show and comedy club show. The humor is universal and geared toward a wide audience. The show is PG-PG-13. There is no bad language/cursing. When the actors violate this code they are pegged in the head with what we call the "gutter ball" - it's a dodge ball the audience members throw at an actors head if he/she says or does something inappropriate. It ends up working out wonderfully because honestly - it's fun to watch somebody get hit in the head with a ball. Not sure why. Either way it's great.

Improv 4 KIDS - Improv and musical comedy for ages 12 and under. This show is similar to EIGHT in structure but actually has different skits and for the most part different subject matter. We tend to have more music in these shows and they run about 10-15 minutes shorter. There is LOTS of audience volunteers. More so than in the EIGHT shows and I would even say the skits are shorter. Many of the suggestions we get from kids incorporate current pop culture. I've lost track on how many times we have done improvised blues or other song styles about Spongebob, Jonas Brothers and Miley Cirus. It's all about what the kids want so .. well there you go.

Absent Minded Comedy - The name says it all. Seriously. It is completely uncensored. There is a similar structure to EIGHT but much of the content contains swearing, sexual humor and pretty much anything else that could possibly be offensive. Also, the improv skits are different. We found that the improvs which didn't work in the EIGHT shows worked really well in an edgy environment. I would even go so far as to say these shows are experimental and avaunt guard-ish. We also book more comics on this show so the audience is getting an equal combination of improv and stand up. It works out really well. Besides, you never know whats going to happen but I can guarantee it's going to be an experience.

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